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The sauna variety with ice fountain, as well as the infrared and microsalt offer, specifically promote the positive effects of sauna. These are, in addition to the improvement of the general well-being, the natural cleansing process, the cardiovascular system and the skin appearance, the positive effect on the immune system, the musculature, the respiratory system and the quality of sleep. A place of rest, well-being and satisfaction - exclusively for our house guests.

Finnish Sauna «Schönbergblick»

With a panoramic view of the Schönberg landscape, it is designed in a traditional Black Forest all-wood white fir look and has a generous all-glass front. The pleasant temperature of about 90°C as well as the low humidity promote both the vegetative nervous system and the general well-being. They strengthen the immune system, improve the skin’s appearance and convey a feeling of relaxation and recuperation.

Sanarium I Biosauna «Vogesenblick»

Relax in our panoramic sauna with elegant oak panel design and all-glass front while sweating naturally at approx. 55°C and high humidity. This gentle bio-sauna offers a gentle sauna bath with immediate relaxing effects for body and mind, boosts metabolism, trains the heartbeat, improves the oxygen level in the blood and cares for the skin.

Steam Sauna «Black Forest Fog»

Experience the beneficial effect of the steam sauna with its Black Forest Fog. At a temperature of up to 45°C and almost 100% humidity, the hot steam promotes metabolism and blood circulation. It opens the skin pores and has a liberating effect on the respiratory tract.

Infrared Cabin with Microsalt Inhalation

Relax in our infrared cabin with panoramic window and walnut batten, which thanks to infrared radiators provides targeted heat to relieve tension, back pain, rheumatism and migraines. The cabin also contains a microsalt system that distributes high-quality salt aerosol in the room to purify the airways, revitalize the skin and provide anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effects, which can help with colds, skin problems, sleep disorders and depression.
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Forest Sauna

The pavilion of the Finnish forest sauna, accessible through the wellness garden, impresses with its old wood design and the panoramic glass front with a view of the Kyb rock and the Prangenkopf. Enjoy nature even more intensively by using one of the outdoor showers after your sauna session and then relax in the rest pavilion while the open fireplace crackles and your body recovers.