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Five different tempered saunas and an outdoor sauna pavilion promise you a soothing time-out, not only on cool days.

Finnish Sauna | SCHÖNBERGBLICK | 28M²

The panorama sauna in black forest type solid wood silver fir design and an all-glass front, has a temperature of about 90°C with a low humidity. This has positive effects on the vegetative nervous system and the general well-being. In addition, a strengthening effect on the immune system and positive influence on the complexion.


In the panorama sauna in oak panel design with all-glass front, it is naturally pleasant to sweat at approx. 55°C and an equally high humidity, which is gentle on the heart and circulation. The body does not have to adapt to extreme conditions. The gentle sauna bath is a natural remedy with an immediate relaxing effect on body and mind. It stimulates the metabolism, increases and trains the heartbeat as well as the oxygen content in the blood, lowers the cholesterol level and has a caring effect on the skin. The high humidity has an additional cleansing effect on the respiratory tract.


At up to 45°C and almost 100% humidity, the hot water vapor stimulates the metabolism and circulation, opens skin pores and has a very relieving effect on the respiratory tract due to the good moistening of the mucous membranes.


The infrared sauna with panoramic window is made of walnut lath. The infrared radiator technology is for targeted local heat application against tension, back pain, rheumatism and migraine.

The microsalt system integrated in the room distributes particularly fine salt aerosol of the highest quality throughout the room. The dry salt mist achieves thorough cleansing of the airways as well as cleansing and revitalization of the skin. It also has an anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect. The application can be extremely effective and helpful in preventing colds and inflammations and is also intended for people with skin diseases, sleep disorders or depression.
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On the Luisenhöhe with old oak trees in a secluded location is the Finnish forest sauna in old wood design and panoramic glass front with a view of Kybfelsen and Prangenkopf. The forest sauna is equipped with a shower and 3 outdoor forest showers.