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Creative fusion of taste, passion and aesthetics: The cuisine of Luisenhöhe is characterized by creativity, highest quality, dedication and passion. Chef de Cuisine Niels Möller and his team rely on fresh and high-quality ingredients from the region and create unique taste experiences for his guests. His cuisine is characterized by innovation, a sense of aesthetics and a deep understanding of the flavors and textures of the ingredients. He follows the motto "Bons produits, bonne cuisine" and conveys the joy of conscious nutrition.


Embark on a culinary adventure with Niels Möller and his team. Let yourself trust him as Chef de Cuisine and be inspired by innovative creations. His passion is to treat his guests to culinary delights. In the process he gives his deep appreciation to high-quality regional products. As a guest of Niels Möller, goods such as time, uniqueness, authenticity, flexibility, creativity and individuality become moments of pleasure!

Restaurant LUISE

The Restaurant LUISE is the architectural and culinary heart of the house. The place where the guest can enjoy the exquisite sophistication of healthy cuisine. Only fresh food is processed here and seasonal creations are served. Whether you take a seat in the cozy cuckoo’s nests and enjoy the magnificent view of Freiburg’s local mountain, the “Schauinsland” or take a seat at the free-standing tables: the premises radiate vitality and carefree lifestyle. In the Luisenstube area we would like to keep alive – newly interpreted – a special memory of the old Luisenhöhe.

Terroir, vintages, grape varieties.

Benedikt Höret, award-winning and well-traveled sommelier, warmly invites you to take a seat and be advised and fascinated by a selection of over 400 great wines. Join him on a journey through distant lands and European regions and listen to his experiences with international and regional winemakers. He has put together a wine list for you that is unparalleled in the region. Whether for an enjoyable evening in our restaurant or the right wine for afterwards.

Culinary pairings.

In a professional and friendly union, Niels Möller and Benedikt Höret inspire each other to create an exquisitely coordinated symbiosis of excellent food and customized wine accompaniment for each guest. In this way, each day offers an unforgettable experience that nourishes body and soul.

Switch off. Let go.

Review the day and let your eyes wander over the breathtaking 270° panorama to the Vosges Mountains. An exceptional selection of high-quality spirits and rare wines that promises a journey of discovery even for experienced connoisseurs. Individually created cocktails, refined with homemade infusions, syrups and regional products. Take a seat in our MehrblickBAR.