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The Luisenhöhe is an outstanding example of how sustainability can be implemented in a holistic and future-oriented way. Below you will find some sustainability aspects and concepts at Luisenhöhe.


  • Geothermal energy (55 geothermal probes with 145m depth for heat and cold supply)
  • Heat recovery (ventilation technology)
  • Increased solar protection (multiple solar control glazing, zipscreens, sunscreens and planting)
  • Natural air conditioning (panoramic sliding windows with zipscreens)
  • Shingle facade with increased insulation

Water management

  • Retention areas (extensive or intensive green roofs on all roofs).
  • Additional water retention and infiltration areas on the site (trough-rigole system)
  • Water cisterns (52,000l) for retention and irrigation of the garden area
  • Extended pool water purification system
  • Water-saving EcoSmart technology

Nature & species protection

  • Forest soil protection in the Luisenhöhenwald area
  • Tree and plant protection
    • Preservation of the landscape-defining chestnut avenue
    • Preservation, restoration and expansion of the biotope in the area of the underground car park
    • Protection and preservation of the old tree population and a hornbeam hedge
    • Plants and seeds of regional origin
    • New planting of a meadow orchard (41 trees)
    • Compensatory measure with planting of 600 sessile oak and 300 white beech seedlings on a neighboring forest property
  • Spring and water protection, consideration of natural watersheds with temporary monitoring of adjacent springs
  • Animal and bird protection
    • 12 nesting boxes for bats, gray flycatcher and house sparrow
    • Bee and butterfly meadow

Climate & environment protection

  • Green roofs and facades (water retention areas, air improvement, fine dust and noise reduction)
  • Green city walls (visual and noise protection, air/fine dust improvement)
  • Water retention (flood protection and own use)
  • Food waste management (biogas production and sustainable fertilizer)
  • Mobility concept
  • Avoidance of light pollution through reduced, energy-saving and insect-friendly lighting concept