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Philosophy & Concept
With the health resort philosophy "natural. healthy. living.", guests are to experience a health and nature consciousness with the "new luxury goods" of time, space, freedom, tranquility, authenticity, uniqueness and individuality in all areas of the resort complex. The basis for this is the Gesundheitsschutzgebiet idea, in which nature, architecture and furnishings of the living and living worlds of a health and nature resort flow smoothly into one another and are in balanced harmony. The GesundKunft® concept accompanies the guest through the 3 thematic areas of hospitality, enjoyment gastronomy and health of the resort. In addition to the GesundKunft®-SPA Schwarzwald, a healthy sleep and regeneration, eating and exercise culture in particular play an important role in the concept.


The Luisenhöhe is harmoniously integrated into the environment, which has a direct impact on our physical, mental and spiritual health. It is our incentive to align the living environments conceptually with the health of the guests and employees with a health-promoting architecture and equipment of the living spaces. Nature and the Luisenhöhe are a “health sanctuary” for people: they naturally promote the regeneration of health resources and potentials. The concept was awarded the prestigious Wellness & Spa Innovations Award in the Hotel & Spa Concepts category.


For a healthy(r) lifestyle! When staying at Luisenhöhe, people come into contact with living environments that enable a sustainable healthy lifestyle. The combination of hospitality, gastronomy and health in a natural environment lead to special moments, impressive experiences, insights and impulses for a new enjoyment of life.