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The Host
Family leadership for the Luisenhöhe - Caroline & Niels Möller


Family leadership for the Luisenhöhe – Together Caroline and Niels Möller are the hosts of the Luisenhöhe. Caroline & Niels are optimistic, open-hearted, passionate about cuisine, enjoy company and love dealing with people. Together with your team, you inspire our guests – be it through culinary delights, cordiality, the service offered or the high quality standards. Caroline is responsible for the reception, the wellness and sports area as well as for breakfast and housekeeping in the restaurant. Niels Möller is the “Chef de Cuisine”. This means that all the tasks that belong to the culinary heart of the Luisenhöhe are in his department. In keeping with the old adage “Bons produits, bonne cuisine,” his creations are intended to continue to give guests pleasure, taste delicious, give strength and convey the joy of conscious nutrition. In a special feel-good atmosphere, Niels Möller is looking forward to his guests literally looking over his and his kitchen team’s shoulders, because the concept of the open kitchen also means: “Make yourself at home” … “There are no secrets here, only interesting facts”. Both Caroline and Niels get wonderful resources along the way for their project. An architecturally first-class building that blends harmoniously with nature. Inside, many surprising details from the surroundings are picked up, which can be explored by the guest.